For traditional public schools and public charter schools seeking a comprehensive level of support, CEI offers School Transformation services, helping schools transform into high-performing educational institutions with vibrant and engaging learning environments capable of advancing learning for all students. We design, develop and implement effective and innovative practices to provide support to help school leaders create successful learning environments and manage their schools effectively. Professional development and collaboration include customized, embedded support in the form of executive coaching and mentoring as well as opportunities for collaborative learning through targeted Professional Learning Communities and Instructional Rounds. Expert technical assistance includes human capital management and talent development, and operational support such as data analysis, school branding and marketing. With more than four decades of experience, the staff of CEI has been creating and redesigning public schools to help achieve our vision of creating a public school system where every child has access to an excellent school. We work with all kinds of public schools–from district-based schools to charter public schools–to help them establish high-quality learning environments that meet the needs of the students in their communities.