Every Child Deserves a Quality Education

The mission of the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) is to guarantee quality education in New York City and other communities across the United States.


CEI Leadership believes that the school should be the center and driving force of public education innovation and reform. By design, CEI works directly with teachers, school leaders, and the community to create the schools their children need to succeed by:

  • Developing and supporting existing public schools
  • Restructuring large public schools into smaller learning communities
  • Creating, developing and supporting public charter schools
  • Networking public schools to provide peer-level support, share best practices and pool resources
  • Training teachers and principals in effective educational practices
  • Helping implement enrichment programs to increase academic skills and augment the social and cultural experiences of public school students
  • Advocating for system-wide adoption of effective school-based reforms and public education policies
  • Providing extensive information services for parents and other interested members of the community