PICCS is a human capital management system (HCMS) that is in various stages of implementation at 26 public charter schools in New York and New Jersey. Developed through a series of federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grants, PICCS helps schools support
educators and school leaders to become highly effective professionals capable of delivering customized educational programs that result in
continuous student growth. The PICCS project was launched in 2007 to bring public charter schools
together to develop new forms of human capital management that effectively support their shared mission of providing excellent public
education options to children in grades K to 12. Through PICCS, the schools have developed and implemented human capital management systems (HCMS) aimed at providing teachers and school leaders with intensive support from pre-service through their early years, retention and professional growth so that they can become highly effective in their work as measured by both student outcomes and aspects of professional practice. For educators in PICCS schools, their professional development plans are directly tied to their annual performance, thus giving them a clear road map
for professional growth and achievement.

In 2017, the PICCS program was highlighted by the USDOE! The Teacher and
Leadership Program office featured PICCS in their white paper on the
approaches to human capital management in schools
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