CEI provides customized hands on support to teachers, leaders, administration and families to improve school climate, student engagement and student achievement. CEI offers research-based, instructional strategies and opportunities for meaningful association among colleagues and educational experts in all content areas.

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School leaders shape the agenda and build the capacity of their schools for long-term success. To do so, they must be skillful in managing a myriad of tasks and responsibilities, ranging from administrative to supervisory to instructional. CEI works with principals, assistant principals, and school leadership teams to develop the skills and assets necessary to meet the challenge.


CEI has an extensive field team of specialists in all aspects of public education, including curriculum and instruction, special education, English language learners, school leadership, scheduling, budgeting, facilities development and much more. We “embed” these specialists with educators in our schools so that they can help teachers and school leaders adopt and adapt effective practices in the “real world” of their own schools and classrooms.


Professional Learning Communities, or “PLCs,” are educators who meet to collectively improve student learning and achievement. PLCs engage in a continuous cycle of collaborative inquiry questioning based on classroom practices in effort to build a shared knowledge as professionals. CEI has been advancing the use of PLCs at the school level since 2007 when we partnered with New York University’s Metro Learning Communities, directed by Dr. Joe McDonald, to create a comprehensive program to certify teachers as PLC Coaches.


CEI believes that creating positive, supportive learning environments is absolutely essential to promote academic and intellectual development. CEI helps schools develop restorative justice programs, based on a set of principles that guide the response to conflict and harm. These models emphasize accountability, community safety and development of pro-social skills. It provides ways to effectively address behavior and other complex school issues, including offering a supportive environment, improving school safety and providing alternatives to suspension and expulsion.


CEI offers regular workshops and conferences to help New York City public schools meet the citywide goals for professional developing, including: sharing expertise and resources across schools, growing organizational capacity for long-term success, developing pathways for continuous improvement for all members of a school community, and increasing student achievement.


  • Social and Emotional Learning enhances academic outcomes for students and equips them with the social and emotional skills to succeed beyond the classroom.
  • Attendance Improvement initiative equips schools with the skills to reduce chronic absenteeism and improve student outcomes.  
  • Family and Community Engagement helps school leaders establish strong family relationships through partnerships and sharing of resources among schools, families, local businesses and community-based organizations.
  • STEAM professional development in instruction and curriculum designed to help students use a multidisciplinary approach to make connections between school, community and the world.