CEI works directly with schools to help them achieve their visions for educational excellence. This takesBrainstorm many forms–from working in classrooms to help teachers adopt effective instructional practices to helping school leaders establish effective human capital management systems to customizing after school programs. Learn more about our key programs and activities below or contact us to meet with our staff and find out how CEI can help your school fulfill its mission!


CEI provides customize, hands-on support to principals, teachers, parents and staff to help them meet the unique needs of their students. With a team of experts in a variety of disciplines, CEI helps schools design, develop and implement effective and innovative practices. Learn more about our current school support initiatives by clicking on the links below or contact us to discuss how CEI can help your school.


For more than four decades the staff of CEI has been creating and redesigning public schools to help achieve our vision of creating a public school system where every child has access to an excellent school. We work with all kinds of public schools–from district-based schools to charter public schools–to help them establish high quality learning environments that meet the needs of the students in their communities. Learn more about our school creation and redesign work by clicking on the links below or contact us to discuss how CEI can help you create a new school or improve your current school.


Public schools are everybody’s business! That’s the main point of CEI’s advocacy work. In order to create and sustain excellence in public education, everyone—educators, parents, students, community organizations, businesses—needs to be informed about our public schools and how best to support them. We issue regular online communications about what is going on in our network of public schools to help inform stakeholders about effective practices, school priorities and how policies impact the real world of schools and classrooms. Learn more about our communications and advocacy vehicles by clicking on the links below or contact us to discuss how you can contribute to our communications.

  • E-Newsletters – These archived e-newsletters highlight important developments in public schools and educational policy and practices
  • CEI News – This blog shares what’s going on in CEI-affiliated public schools
  • The Charter Notebook – This blog focuses on the work of public charter schools.