Leadership Development

School Leaders shape the agenda and build the capacity of their schools for long-term success. To do so, they must be skillful in managing a myriad of tasks and responsibilities, ranging from administrative to supervisory to instructional. CEI works with principals, assistant principals, and school leadership teams to develop the skills and assets necessary to meet the challenge.

Key areas of capacity for school leadership include:

  • Articulating clear beliefs about how students learn best
  • Grounding instruction and professional learning in research
  • Understanding data and engaging all stakeholders
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring the school’s instructional focus
  • Developing and leveraging the expertise of the instructional cabinet through collaborative discourse

CEI helps school leaders gain these skills through:

  • Workshops that cover topics and needs common to the school leaders such as creating effective operating procedures, using protocols to generate facilitative leadership, and using data to assess student and classroom performance on an ongoing basis.
  • On-site leadership development to meet the specific needs of individual principals and assistant principals.
  • Training principals and assistant principals on how to use data to assess their performance.
  • Peer mentoring between principals and assistant principals from CEI Network Schools to foster the sharing of best practices.
  • Study groups and Instructional Rounds for principals and assistant principals to address topics of common interest and concern.


CEI assists and guides school leadership to enhance and strengthen key aspects of the school community with a focus on instruction, improved outcomes for students and their families, and building capacity for teacher effectiveness.


The CEI team of experts provide one-on-one leadership development for assistant principals where we create a customized plan based on the principal’s leadership vision aligned with the instructional focus for the school year. Our specialists help develop goals, monitor progress, and collaborate with the principal to ensure there is a cohesive effort toward success.


The CEI team works with new principals in all aspects of the school community with a focus on instruction, improved opportunities, and outcomes for students and their families, and building capacity for school leadership. Our experts assist new principals in both overall leadership strategies and individualized strategies needed to address school-specific areas of need. Using a structured model and research-based methods, we provide a new principal with a “tool-kit” for success.


CEI has spent 10 years refining a framework for principal evaluation that focuses on growth and meets state regulations and federal best practice standards. Thiry public schools have adopted and implemented the CEI evaluation framework. CEI works diligently with schools to ensure that their evaluation system is considered equitable and rigorous by stakeholders within their school communities. The result of these intensive planning, development, and engagement processes will be a customized evaluation framework that meets the specific needs and mission of the school.


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