Course Introduction and Overview

Teaching Mastery: The Power of You

Have you ever been teaching and realize that your students aren’t engaged in the lesson? You leave feeling that meaningful teaching and learning did not occur. You’re frustrated because the students aren’t excited or motivated about learning.

Or perhaps you’ve been so busy that you’ve been neglecting personal wellness. You never seem to get to the big picture items and projects that you’re excited about because your always busy taking care the dozens of day-to-day things that sap your energy. You’re putting everything you have into your work but you’re beginning to feel that the effort isn’t worth it, and you’re getting a little bit burned out.

Or maybe you’ve got new ideas and approaches to share but no one seems to care, and your voice doesn’t seem to carry much weight with decision makers. You don’t feel you’re respected or valued by your administration.

The Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is over the seven weeks of the course, to cultivate a classroom presence that students will respect and trust; one that will motivate and inspire them to own their own learning and live into their potential.

In Teaching Mastery: The Power of You you’re going to discover the most common mistake that teachers make that keeps students from buying into their vision, goals, and initiatives.

You’ll tap into a little known personal practice that will greatly increase your effectiveness in motivating your students to achieve their best academically, socially, and emotionally.

You’ll learn a simple mindset tweak that will result in a more trusting and motivated class.

You’ll break through your blind spots to reveal your true strengths and power. You can’t fake this. Who you are – is how you’ll teach – and students see your strengths and flaws, even if you don’t.

How will I do this?

You’ll take the: To see the change–Be the change path to unleash your innate gifts and the powerful professional presence that resides within you. You’ll learn how to make an enormous impact on your students with just a few words and actions that are aligned with your core values, beliefs, and larger purpose.

But I’m busy, will I have the time?

This isn’t the traditional read, reflect, and write course.

It’s experiential. It’s happening during work, not after.

The To see the change – Be the change method is particularly effective because the coursework is integrated into your daily routine – so we’re not adding on to what you’re doing, you’re simply doing what you always do – differently.

You’ll spend no more than 90 minutes per week on course material, but the “secret sauce” is that you’ll practice new teaching behaviors and take new actions from Day 1. There will never be a better time than now!

This sounds great! Can you describe Teaching Mastery in more detail?

We’ll kick off the course with a face to face, virtual Welcome Celebration. This a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and to prepare yourself for the experiences to come.

In Module 1: Noticing, you’ll slow way down and begin training your attention to notice how your innate personal attributes and dispositions affect your students. You’ll focus on your ‘self’ to reveal your default dispositions and surface your blind spots – so that you can act decisively and appropriately in difficult situations.

In Module 2: Purpose, you’ll crystallize your core values, connect to your larger purpose and passion, and declare why you do what you do, so that you can ground each day in a purpose that will sustain you in challenging times, inspire others to support you, and keep you from getting buried in the day to day details and urgency of the moment.

In Module 3: Gifts, you’ll continue your internal exploration by surfacing and acknowledging your gifts and strengths so that you can bring them into your teaching courageously. Your gifts are the essence of who you are – your superpowers – they’re what makes you special – and cultivating them inspires your students to live more fully in their own gifts.

In Module 4: Tendencies, we’ll take a deep dive to reveal the limiting beliefs, personal tendencies, and habits of behavior that hinder your classroom effectiveness so that you don’t react reflexively, but choose the most appropriate action for the moment. You’ll no longer be held hostage by the repetitive historical patterns of the past. You’ll be free to use the gifts you have, and free to be the gift you are.

Midway through the course we’ll schedule another face to face virtual meeting to work through any specific issues you may be having and to prepare for the second half of your experience.

In Module 5: Relationships, you’ll transition to turning your attention outward to your students. You’ll identify the student relationships that need your attention and care – and take concrete steps to strengthen them so that those you teach know that you care about them and their concerns. With strong trusting relationships, the sky’s the limit on what you can accomplish. Students will be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and step outside their comfort zones to bring about change. 

In Module 6: Embodiment, we’ll focus on practices that help you embody your values and beliefs so that you ‘walk our own talk’ more consistently. You’ll learn to deal with the discomfort of doing things in new ways and forgiving yourself when you slip back to your old habits.

In Module 7: Conflict, you’ll step into the world of conflicts and challenges and embrace new tools that will help resolve difficult issues and situations without damaging the underlying relationship and maintaining the dignity of the student so that you can move beyond stalemates, differences of opinion, anger, indifference, and difficult conversations, to fulfill your vision and goals.

You’ll learn techniques for building your courage to face challenging situations and regain your balance and center when you’re thrown off or triggered. You’ll focus on staying centered in the midst of chaos and learn to deal with failure and resilience in ways that draw students to you, rather than push them away.

You’ll conclude the course by completing a Breakthrough Results Blueprint that will serve as a roadmap to continue to build a classroom presence that students respect and trust, long after the course is over. We’ll also have a final virtual, face to face meeting to present awards, express gratitude, and deliver final evaluations.

What if I start this course and find it’s not what I expected?

Teaching Mastery: The Power of You has a refund guarantee. If for any reason during the first two weeks of the course you find that you’d like to withdraw, we’ll reimburse your entire tuition fee.

I’m interested but I have a few questions. What do I do now?

Contact me by e-mail and we can schedule a call.

Is this for real? Have you actually done this with other people?

Here are just a few of the many testimonials from educators:

 “I found this course to be inspiring and rejuvenating!”                   

“From the very first day of the class I was able to be more aware of myself as a leader.”

“I loved the personalized attention and immediate feedback!”

“I never expected that it would be this easy to find time to fit in this course. That’s the part I was dreading the most and very rarely did I feel that I couldn’t keep up! I think that’s mostly what made it so valuable for me!”

“I gained insight/increased awareness of the importance of how my personal gifts affect my leadership.”

“I feel I really do believe now that we are all capable of being leaders and we just need to look deep inside ourselves to nurture that quality.”       

“My presence…has a stronger impact than I sometimes recognize, this was a great reminder.”