Recruitment & Retention


PICCS schools in the newest cohort (2012 Cohort) are developing differentiated hiring plans in order to recruit effective and experienced teachers in hard-to-staff subjects and grade levels. Differentiated hiring plans relate to a new system for professional growth in which teachers are promoted based on performance over time rather than simply years of service, number of graduate level credits earned, etc. Learn more about the PICCS differentiated teaching levels >>

For example, schools may recruit for a math teacher at the level of “Master Teacher.” This hire would include a base salary within the Master Teacher level; it can also include a one-time recruiting bonus paid out at the end of the first year of service based upon achievement of specific and measurable outcome goals related to improving STEM instruction at the school.

Such differentiated hiring plans translate to the key retention strategies being utilized by participating schools: 1) performance-based compensation that provides annual increases to an educator’s base salary comparable to the educator’s level of achievement on his or her annual evaluation; 2) career lattice opportunities for teachers that provide a clear and attainable path for professional growth within the school.