Professional Development & Growth

The PICCS Evaluation System is comprised of both student outcome and professional practice measures. Within the professional practice measures, schools use with the Marzano or Danielson Frameworks for Teaching to collect data related to all aspects of teaching practice. Participating schools must conduct at least two classroom observations (one in fall and one in spring), as well as regular walkthroughs to collect data related to these aspects of teaching practice. These observations and walkthroughs provide the necessary data to target professional development resources to the specific needs of individual teachers. It also allows teachers and supervisors to identify areas of excellence in practice for which teachers can serve as models for their peers. At the close of each year, supervisors conduct a summative assessment and conference with the teacher to review the evaluation outcomes and establish a Teacher Growth Plan for the coming year. In this plan, teachers and supervisors agree to areas of focus for professional growth and identify resources necessary to support the teacher in achieving that growth. Throughout the year, as the formative assessments are conducted, the teacher and supervisor can re-visit the Teacher Growth Plan and modify it appropriately.