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PICCS Teacher Evaluation Animation

A school’s teacher evaluation system should be fully transparent and logical from every staff member’s perspective. Each and every teacher should know exactly what he or she has to do in order to exhibit their effectiveness and, in turn, earn a performance-based salary increase and ascend a career ladder.

But the details of an evaluation system can be overwhelming and, even worse, they can feel like a distraction from the real work of teaching and learning. What we’d like you to see upon viewing this video is that your school’s evaluation system is not as complicated as it seems!


Blogging with the Charter Notebook

Charter Notebook blogger and New Dawn Principal, Lisa DiGaudio, sits down with PICCS Presents to discuss what inspires her to write and why she believes the open forum is important, especially to independent charter schools.


3D Printing with Bronx Charter School for Excellence

Bronx Charter School for Excellence recently introduced an exciting new curriculum where students are able to learn prototyping and design while building their very own 3D models!


Senior Service Projects at Academy Charter School

Academy charter School in New Jersey offers a Senior Service Class where high school seniors facilitate their own volunteer project for an organization of their choice.


2nd Annual College Fair at AUL

Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School in New Jersey held it’s annual college fair where Juniors and Seniors were able to meet with college representatives all over the tri-state area for guidance with their journey into higher education!


Imagine Me Takes a Trip to Washington D.C.

Students from grades 4 & 5 from Imagine Me Leadership Charter School travel to Washington D.C. and Howard University to take part in the first of a series of college experiences offered by the school!


A Complaint Free World Animation


Election Day 2014


PICCS Summer Leadership Academy


Accelerated Literacy Learning Conference


Family Reading Night | Challenge Prep


Diana Nunnaley – Consultants Corner – PICCS


AUL Presents “Colors of Distinction”


New Dawn Newsletter Highlight


PICCS Election Day Conference


Election Day Conference Highlight – Courtney McCall


Election Day Conference Highlight – Pauline Frank


Election Day Conference Highlight – Lawrence Mele


Using Data: PICCS in the Real World


In the Spotlight: DREAM Charter School

DREAM Charter School joined PICCS in 2010. Click below to watch an inspiring video about this innovative school located in East Harlem, New York City.

From Closed Door to Collaborative: Using Professional Learning Communities for School Improvement

In the video posted below, members of Professional Learning Communities from two PICCS schools work together to improve curriculum and instruction and discuss the roles of teacher leaders in schools.