Measurement Incorporated (MI) conducted the five-year study of the original 2007 PICCS Cohort of schools and is also conducting the five-year studies of the 2010 and 2012 Cohorts. The evaluation provides three valuable sets of information on the following aspects of the project:

  • Implementation of PICCS core elements at the school and classroom levels
  • Impact of the project on student achievement and other educational outcomes
  • Link between project implementation and outcomes.
MI developed a conceptual model/theory of change to organize the study variables and guide all measurement work. In accordance with this model, the research efforts for the first two years for each cohort focus on gathering baseline and formative data on the design and initial stages of PICCS implementation. The third year evaluation builds upon this earlier work and extends it in two important ways. First, it incorporates more refined indicators of program implementation and instructional change. Second, it follows PICCS schools over a longer period of time to better gauge the extent of implementation and change.