PICCS uses a human capital management system (HCMS) approach to implementing professional policies and practices that support continuous professional growth for teachers and school leaders and that lead to improved student outcomes. The central elements of the HCMS approach include:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.27.36 PMEducator Preparation – PICCS is developing an “Aspiring Teachers” program for the newest cohort of PICCS schools (Cohort 3) in which schools bring on newly certified teachers for one-year appointments to serve as apprentices to established, highly effective teachers. Learn more >>

Recruitment & Hiring – PICCS promotes recruitment and hiring processes that allow schools to target their hiring practices so that they can effectively meet specific needs such as the needs of English language learners or chronically low-performing students. Learn more >>

Induction & Mentoring – PICCS schools are developing comprehensive induction and mentoring programs that prepare new(er) teachers to become highly effective teachers within the first five years of service. Learn more >>

Evaluation System – PICCS schools implement annual performance evaluations for all staff; the evaluation system includes both measures of student outcomes and educator professional practice. Learn more >>

Professional Development & Growth – PICCS schools target professional development to meet the specific needs of their educators as reflected in their annual evaluations and periodic observations that take place throughout the year. The goal of customized professional development is to help every staff member reach his or her greatest potential. Learn more >>

Performance Management & Retention – Results of the annual evaluations are used to determine performance-based compensation as well as promotion and retention decisions for all staff members at PICCS schools. Learn more >>

Career Lattices – PICCS schools offer educators opportunities to grow while remaining at their school, including a clear promotion process based on performance as well as leadership roles such as becoming a mentor teacher or coach for a professional learning community or data team. Learn more >>