Performance Management & Retention

Through the PICCS Evaluation System, all school staff members receive an annual score and rating on a HEDI chart (“Highly Effective,” “Effective,” “Developing,” or “Ineffective”). The goal is to establish schools with high numbers of teachers at the “Effective” or “Highly Effective” levels who remain at the school and over time grow through the differentiated teaching ranks, take on leadership opportunities and continue to build a stronger and more effective school.

One key strategy to reach this goal is to tie compensation to the evaluation process. The newest group of PICCS schools, which started in the project in Fall 2012, are tying the annual evaluation to a staff member’s schools annual salary increase. While each school sets the specific amount of salary increases, all PICCS schools have agreed to the following: 1) performance-based salary increases can only be awarded to teachers with ratings at the level of “Effective” or “Highly Effective”; 2) the amount of compensation for teachers in the highest performance bracket must be at least $3,000 and cannot exceed $4,000 (anything over $4,000 must be supported with local funds, not TIF funds); it must be feasible for teachers to achieve all performance levels.

Following is a sample chart of how HEDI scores can be matched to performance-based salary increases at PICCS schools.