Induction & Mentoring

PICCS schools are working to develop a comprehensive induction program for new teachers that will last three years and then transition into ongoing professional development and management. As part of the induction program, schools will provide individual mentoring for new teachers that also lasts three years. The goal is to create a program that fulfills the definition of quality new teacher induction provided by Wood and Nevins Stanulis: “the multi-faceted process of teacher development and novice teachers’ continued learning-to-teach through an organized professional development program of educative mentor support and formative assessment.[i]


Our approach to developing a new teacher induction and mentoring program is designed to fulfill the nine program components that Wood and Nevins Stanulis have found to be effective in contemporary induction programs:


  1. Collaborative coaching method
  2. Reflective inquiry and teaching practices
  3. Systematic and structured observations
  4. Developmentally appropriate professional development
  5. Formative teacher assessment
  6. Administrators’ involvement in induction
  7. A school culture supportive of novice teachers
  8. Program evaluation and/or research on induction
  9. A shared vision of knowledge, teaching, and learning.
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[i] Wood, Ann L and Randi Nevins Stanulis, “Quality Teacher Induction: ‘Fourth-Wave (1997-2006) Induction Programs,” The New Educator, 5, 2009.