How We Work


“Children don’t attend a public educational system, they go to school. That is why the school must be the center of change”
– Sy Fliegel, CEI President & Gilder Senior Fellow

Mobile Field Team

CEI believes that the school should be the center and driving force of public education reform and innovation. With this central tenet always in mind, CEI works directly with teachers, school leaders, and the community to create the schools their children need to succeed. It is for this reason that CEI has grown an extensive, mobile “field team” of experts in all aspects of education that works directly in schools and classrooms of CEI-affiliated schools. Field team members can work for a few hours or several months at a school, depending on the school’s specific needs. And the field team can be mobilized rapidly in cases of urgent need. All members of the CEI field team have extensive, proven records of effectiveness in education. Areas of specialty include: instruction, curriculum, special education, leadership, budgeting, programming, scheduling, data analysis, English language learners, drop-out prevention, character education, teacher recruitment and retention, and many other areas.