Educator Preparation

The newest cohort of PICCS schools (2012 Cohort) is developing plans to hire “Aspiring Teachers” who will be given a one-year appointment to serve in an apprentice position to an established teacher at the school. Aspiring Teachers must have certification and come from the “top third +” of teaching candidates as described in the 2010 study by Auguste, Kihn and Miller. [i] Aspiring Teachers will be hired to a one-year contract with compensation of $25,000 and will be eligible to apply for open Novice Teacher positions at the end of the year based upon a successful evaluation process. The goals of the Aspiring Teacher program are to:

  • Establish a strong recruiting base for Novice Teacher positions at the PICCS schools.
  • Provide the Aspiring Teachers with a clinically-rich training opportunity that can prepare them for success in any public school that serves high-need students.
  • Develop best practices in educator preparation that can inform programs at Institutions of High Education as well as non-traditional teacher prep programs such as Teacher for America and teaching fellows programs.

[i] Auguste, Kihn and Miller, Closing the talent gap: Attracting and retaining top-third graduates to careers in teaching, McKinsey & Company, 2010.