What is a Data Use Process?

The CEI data use process represents a cycle of inquiry dependant on a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility for student learning. The goal of the data use process and related support is to develop and implement a data use process to improve instruction and increase student learning.

CEI’s data use process involves a five-step cycle of inquiry:

  1. CREATE A DATA OVERVIEW – Generate charts and graphs to stimulate conversation, identify a focus area and questions about student learning or program effectiveness.
  2. GATHER AND DIG INTO DATA – Collect student work and data. Use protocols to analyze this data to identify a learner-centered problem.
  3. REFLECT ON PEDAGOGY OR PROGRAMS – Identify potential causes of the learner-center problem.
  4. ACT ON THE DATA – Use the data analysis to identify the next level of work, and make research-based shifts in instruction or program modications.
  5. EVALUATE RESULTS – Identify measures of effectiveness and monitor results.

CEI’s also believe that data analysis (including the analysis of student work) is an essential component of engaging in a valid cycle of inquiry, school leaders and teachers are dependant on access to accurate, user-friendly and actionable data that can inform instruction and increase student learning.

CEI’s Two Phase Support for Training Data Use and Analysis Coaches:

Tier 1 Support – Data Support

  • Part 1: Workshops on building a culture of data use and professional expectations working with data.
  • Part 2: Coaching on data-use skills: participants will learn the five-step cycle of inquiry (outlined above).
  • Part 3: Practice leading or co-leading the five-step cycle of inquiry
  • Included: toolkits, resources and protocols to make meaning from data

Tier 2 Support – Data Analysis

  • Part 1: Professional development on the various ways we analyze, aggregate, and disaggregate data.
  • Part 2: Practice disaggregating data by subgroup to identify the most in need students.
  • Part 3: Connecting to the Curriculum Through a Standards Analysis: Which standards are heavily assessed? Which standards
    are low performing? Where are there gaps in the curriculum?
  • Included: toolkits, resources and protocols to analyze data

*Please contact Paolo Alberghini or Courtney Mccall at CEI to discuss designing a customized data use and analysis coaching program tailored to the needs of your staff and school community.