This will be our biggest

and best Summer leadership conference ever. CEI is a non-profit education organization and recognized leader in advancing meaningful reforms in public education. Our mission is to ensure the school is the center and driving force of public education reform and innovation. CEI works to turn around low performing schools with student- centered innovations and provides life- changing opportunities to students in under-resourced communities.

Last year 450 principals

assistant principals and administrators attended this informative event. School administrators from NYC Public schools and Public Charter schools, and the tri-state area, and New York City Department of Education Non- Public schools attend this annual conference.

This year’s event will highlight

showcase exhibitors and products, and the strengths and services of the CEI organization. CEI takes a proactive role to ensure success for all students.  Administrators will have the opportunity to see both new and known companies and learn about new and improved products and services


Dr. Betty Rosa

Chancellor, New York Board of Regents

Dr. Randal Pinkett

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

Stephen Ritz

The Urban Gardener


Ramon Garcia

NYPD School Safety

Mark Rampersant

Senior Executive Director, Office of Safety and Youth Development for the NYCD of Education

From Past Events.