2012 Cohorts

pie2-01-300x176In 2012, PICCS expanded again to include 11 more charter schools located in New York City and across New Jersey State. The 2012 expansion provided an opportunity for the PICCS team to learn from the first five years of the project and establish a much more thorough and comprehensive design plan for PICCS as it is being implemented in the newest cohort of schools.

The 2012 model focuses on establishing human capital management systems (HCMS) in all of the schools. An HCMS approach brings together all of the elements of PICCS that have emerged over the first five years in order to achieve the original goal of PICCS: establishing performance-based compensation systems that could drive continuous school improvement at participating schools.

The external evaluation is currently capturing baseline data on the latest cohort of PICCS schools. This data will be available in 2014, after the close of the first year of project implementation.

2017 – PICCS4NJ Implementation Report
2017 – PICCS4NJ Outcomes Report

2017 – PICCS4NYC Implementation Report
2017 – PICCS4NYC Outcomes Report

2016 – PICCS4NJ Profiler
2016 – PICCS4NYC Profiler

2015 – PICCS4NJ Profiler
2015 – PICCS4NYC Profiler

2014 – PICCS4NJ Profiler
2014 – PICCS4NYC Profiler