2007 Cohort

pie3-01The final evaluation of the 2007 Cohort of PICCS schools came out in 2012 and demonstrated success on two levels:

1. After five years of PICCS implementation, PICCS students outperformed their same-aged peers from other New York City charter schools and New York State public schools.

2. As the “pioneering” PICCS schools that created the road maps for subsequent cohorts of schools, the 2007 Cohort shared with the external evaluators their experiences in implementing PICCS and all reported success.

They defined “success” in their own words and through their own priorities and experiences. The findings of the five-year implementation report helped shape the 2012 PICCS Cohort implementation plans, which include more intensive support at the school site to help with the customization of PICCS tools and resources so that they too can forge their unique paths to success.

Learn more about the implementation and outcomes of the original 2007 Cohort of PICCS schools by downloading the first two years of reports and subsequent issues of the PICCS Profiler:

2012 – Year 5 Student Outcomes (PICCS Profiler)
2012 – Year 5 Implementation Report (PICCS Profiler)
2012 – Year 4 Student Outcomes (PICCS Profiler)
2011 – Year 4 Implementation Report (PICCS Profiler)
2010 – Year 3 Student Outcomes (PICCS Profiler)
2010 – Year 3 Implementation (PICCS Profiler)
2009 – Year 2 Evaluation Report (prior to launch of PICCS Profiler)
2008 – Year 1 Baseline Report (prior to launch of PICCS Profiler)